Felix Hoppenbrouwers

Stefan and Bert, Thank you very much for the excellent service when delivering our stx. It is already our fourth truck and the same service with every delivery. Top service!! It is a pleasure to do business with you.


Louis Konickx

A very nice horse truck for our ponies & amazons .... and mother is even happier! All appreciation to the Anemone team for the guidance and delivery.



Simply excellent!! Everything perfectly arranged from A to Z! Recommended!


Stal Bles

Beautiful company with fantastic horse trucks, we are very happy with our Renault MTM and MTM Filovan trailer!!


Eladio Matute

I went from spainΒ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈΒ looking to buy a 2 horse van and the treatment received by the used commercial Giovanni and the owner and the whole team anemone with chantal making everything easy was perfect and super friendly. I as a professional in the equestrian sector and transport in spain will always recommend them.


Bogeerts Ruddy

Very content of my mtm, very cool people to work with, top


Peter Smits

Great company, especially the after sales and service after the purchase is top!


Tim en Lysanne/ Quality Horses Kruyt

What a great company! Super guest friendly welcome and fantastic help from start to finish. We are very happy with the truck! And has already brought great successes!


Moncis Horsetravel

Nice people who understand you and help you with a super nice new 2-horsetruck! Still proud every day that we can go on the road with it!


Sonja van der Berg / Velvet Stables BV

Top top top car, top service, top people. Super nice help and very proud with the beautiful horsebox.. Company, team you can count on!!


Allard Dijkstra

Fantastic service! Do not only what the customer asks, but also what the customer needs! Good service



We have been expertly and kindly assisted with the purchase of a new second-hand horse truck. The truck was delivered as new. The process effuse confidence from start to finish. After sales also fine.


Stephanie Kooijman

Fantastic service. Very customer-friendly. Super happy with our beautiful truck.


Waaij Stud

Occasion, but delivered in new condition. absolutely great


Albert Jansen

Top company and great service. A must for everyone!


Nicole van den Boogaard

Super customer-friendly, Beautiful company, Super truck


Liesbeth Geven

Always top service


Hans Bernoski

Wonderful company, everyone is equally friendly and beautiful horse trucks


Family Buffoi

Great service, great company and a top truck. Very happy with it, thanks


Miranda vd Hoek

A dream come true for me; a perfect truck for a great price! Very happy with it.


Jos Houben

Team Anemone has been there for us day and night for more than 20 years, with purchase, service, trade-in, sale and fun! Now very happy with beautiful STX truck and top service!



Nice company, nice horsetrucks! Very happy with our MTM in super cool color.



10 with a pencil of course πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»



Very happy with my beautiful MTM horse truck and with the super nice fleece blanket! Top service by Anemone and Lisette in particular. Thanks for that!


Kirsten Keet

Very cool horsetruck that we will have a lot of fun with.


Bart van der Maat - Van der Maat Springpaarden

Team Anemone, thank you for the advice and the great horsetruck! Top service and always friendly!


Tony Steevens

Professional, Friendly and Well Organized Company! Top quality horsetrucks.



Perfect Truck super service


Fam. Ligthart

A beautiful occasion purchased through Anemone. We had a conversation before about what we were looking for (classic interior, bench inside, saddle box on the outside, tax-free, and a few weeks later a trade-in arrived with a that exactly interior. Beautiful dark blue horsetruck. After a couple of rides there were some mechanical problems with the clutch, which of course can happen with a used truck, but they are solved immediately and professionally. Very good service and very nice and customer-oriented people!


Tom Genee

Excellent help, sympathetic people, fulfilled all agreements and nice and solid truck!


Max en Melanie

Very satisfied customer for 20 years!


Sandra Zoutendijk

We have been an Anemone customer for many years. We appreciate the expert advice and the great fast service!

Team Anemone you are great !!


Fam. Prinsen

Super fine company and good service !! We are very satisfied !!


Stal van de Valckenborg

Doing business with Anemone is an experience, is hospitality!

From the first conversation "what type of truck is it going to be" to the delivery of our fantastic dark blue Renault Master MTM, a true experience was provided with excellent service and expert advice.

What is striking is that all layers in the organization contribute to this beautiful customer experience.

Team Anemone, thank you also on behalf of the four-legged friends of Stal van de Valckenborg.


Unlimited Stables

Super service, friendly people. Quick answer to questions by app or mail. Very happy with our "new" horsetruck!


Fam. de Graaf

Top company with an eye for quality, detail and with excellent service.
Example company !!


Ellen Puschmann

What a great team. A good listening ear from Lisette and Stefan and also Jeroen, followed by professional and appropriate advice and - not entirely coincidentally: - the MTM stood there, completely in accordance with the color, layout and motor and upholstery.

We are very happy and so are the horses! At home delivery, there was enough time to get everything explained properly and carefully. in 1 word: SUPER!


Fam. Kolkman

We are completely happy and proud with our beautiful new Volvo truck with Stx building. With all the luxury and conveniences for people but also everything for the horses to travel super relaxed.

The service was also great, so super satisfied and completely happy !!!


John Paul Scholts

Last Friday we received our new Mercedes Actros AKX, super on schedule.

What an amazingly luxurious and fantastically finished truck!

What makes this truck even more special are the many details that have been carefully considered.
Too many to mention, but most special is the 3 brake lights in the horse section. The horses understand this very quickly and anticipate this.
The large amount of switch-plugs and LED lighting.
The super safe finish and many useful features that this truck has.

In addition, the great knowledge and top service of the entire Anemone team makes this purchase a true celebration!

Really a big ten plus!


Fam vd Boogaart

Super good service


Annet Hummel

One word needed, GREAT!
The truck and team Anemone.


Stephanie en Nico Bezemer / Hippisch Centrum Hoeksche Waard

Six years ago we met Bert and Stefan and then we also made a nice deal with them when we bought our first (2nd hand) horse truck.
When purchasing our new Renault Master we have done excellent and professional business together.

Top service, good delivery and with a pleasant team of people, Anemone makes it all the way.


Dressuurstal Erve β€˜t Zelfert

Great help with customized advice and a product that exactly fits to our needs. Great service and good explanation.


Bart Jansen / BJ Events

Our new FH 540 exceeds all expectations, what a space, what a class and top finish.
The steering axle is also not to be missed.

If there are any questions, we call AndrΓ©, he knows just about everything πŸ‘

The whole proces was right.
- advice
- sales
- trade-in from our other truck
- delivery with a lot of info
- after-sales service / warranty

Thanks .. keep it up 😎 !!!


Family Moen

The purchase process of the horsetruck has been very professional and pleasant. When we picked up the truck there was much time taken to explain all the functions, so that we could be on the road with confidence.


Pim Kuh

Nice service
Keep going



Super Service


Customer Mercedes Sprinter

I am very satisfied with Anemone so far. Friendly and professional.



Correct service, enough time for the delivery, helped a lot


Joop Buikema

Nice people to do business with!


Dutch Spirit Horses

Last Saturday it was that time. Our new Volvo 540 was shiny and polished waiting in the showroom. What and beauty. The interior and color composition exceeded our expectations. The last small details of attention are today restored by Andre. Anemone good job and thanks for everything.


I. van Bruggen

Service above and beyond the BEST


J&P Horses

Good advice super service and nice staff ....... so very satisfied from J & P Horses.


Jaap van de Vendel

everything is right, nice people and good service


Alice de Jager

We can describe Anemone in a few words: quality, class, and top service.

Stefan and Lisette thank you for everything and the next horsetruck will definitely be an Anemone again πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Ruud Evertse

We bought a nice horsetruck from you, we are happy with it.


Eric vd Rakt


Hanovers Hoeve

Old love will not change.
Super customer friendly and good business.


Frank Duijff

Top service, confidence in special purchasing and trade-in (by telephone from abroad). Fine advice and complete all commitments and agreements !!!!
No 10, or even 12 ........ 1.5 hours away from us unfortunately, so ........ insanely positive !!!

Huge thanks!


Rens Plandsoen

Happy family, happy life:-)


The Kossack Stud

Once Anemone, always Anemone


Paddy's Dressage Team

If you like quality and brilliance, go to ANEMONE!


Gabrielle & Louis RΓΆst

Always top service, always friendly. Super customer and service-oriented. Always think in solutions, high trade-in and nothing is too crazy ... example for many companies !!! We are fan !!!


KS Plafonds BV

Recently bought a STX. Very nice how they participated at Anemone: the truck is used for multiple purposes and that is now also possible. Multifunctional! The stickers has also been thought through by sticking their own logo in our color. Absolutely great!


Corina de Jong-van der Kooi

Good service and customer friendly. Have a lot of fun with the truck. The horses also like the blanket very well! One bad point was that at the test drive the fuel tank was almost empty.


Family van Laak

Team Anemone, thank you for the pleasant handling and good service (in short term) with the purchase / delivery of our two horsetruck.
Experienced as very customer-friendly, and attentive.
Nice to do business with.


Leen Bos

Various trucks purchased but with many complaints.
There is always a solution, but you will also lose your truck for a long time.
that is just a pity and annoying.


Rian van Noord

We have looked at many horsetrucks and finally bought a beautiful double cabin at Anemone. The deal was quickly done in a very pleasant way. Thanks!


Jenneke Nijhof Prinses Maxima Manege

Anemone is a company where customer-friendly and flexibility is very high and this is also noticeable in the very good service. Personal approach and they listen to the wishes of the customer. We are very happy with our new truck. Thanks whole team of Anemone for the super good service.


Wiro Bakker

A lot of cars seen and also long doubted about 2 horses or a big horsetruck. Because of imports into Portugal, there had to be different information every time, which is needed for the final import. And in advance you want to know how the imports actually work. On all questions they had an answer and if they did not have an answer themselves, it came via RDW or the dealer. Just top. We are now in the final import process and then our MAN 7 horses will soon be driving on a Portuguese license plate.


World Horses BV

We do not have an address where you can buy a car in 10 seconds. Straight but nice.
After we drink delicious white wine and now on the road with our new car.
Anemone thanks again and we hope to have as much fun with this car as with the previous one.
Keep it up and we will definitely be back.
Although we will not buy a new one in Zuidbroek next year, but we would like to drink white wine with you again;)


Frank Fritsen

Also on behalf of my wife and daughter I would like to thank the whole team of Anemone Horsetruck for the way in which purchase / delivery of our new 2 horsetruck has been realized. It is not always the price that is decisive, but especially the way in which new customers are treated and informed.


Martijn van Eijkern

I do not want to give a 10! But it is very close. More than 15 years I do nice business with Anemone. This year already the 4th horsetruck! A beautiful car. It starts for me with a good trade-in price and this combined with flexibility, customer friendly and a good service. Resume, a nice company.


Familie Golsteijn

Thoughtfully from A to Z! Super happy with our car, safe and comfortable on the road. Super!


Familie Dees

Very nice approach, customer friendly and flexible. Enthusiastic and involved, we are happy!


Vivian van der Maat

Super fine and enthusiastic cooperation with the whole Anemone team! Everyone is helpful and thinking with you. You can count on customized advice and a car that suits you. If you buy a brand new car or one with the necessary mileage, there is no difference in service. A party to do business with :)


Bofil Bulthuis

Very good service!! Super happy with our STX.
Thanks to Bert and Stefan.


Jessica en Arjan Van de Heijkant

"Old" 6-horse truck with living purchased.
Totally delivered as new!
Everything made like our wishes, super!!


Ashley Brons, Stal Brons

Meanwhile, these 2 prds STX, is our 5th purchased Anemone car.
It's still a party to go there.
A modern company with old-fashioned service !!
Thanks everyone again and let's go to number 6 :)


Harma Hooge from Ees NL

Super service, very flexible even abroad you will be helped. We are a very happy customer!!


Trainingsstal Witte Scholtens

Anemone stands for quality and fantastic service!! We are very satisfied!


Karin Kuyl

Super service also when you're purchasing a used car!


Paardenhandel Martijn Frencken

Super service and very happy with my MTM, better quality does not exist !


Dressuurstal Laurena

Smooth and friendly service! A must!

Stefan van Kooten

Sales / Managing director

+31 (0)33 277 0487

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