Two new Renault Masters delivered to Lumaro Horse Travel!

Last week, Lumaro Horse Travel got extra capacity in his rental fleet by a new Renault Masters with MTM construction. The horsetruck is equipped with a pro-safety interior and an automatic gearbox. The truck will be used for the safe transport of the horses throughout Europe.

In addition, a Renault Master with STX superstructure has been delivered that will be fully used for rental. This new STX, which is also equipped with a pro-safety horse section, can be booked via Horsetrucks for Rent.com.

Rob Claessens is therefore very pleased with the new acquisitions; “optimum and safe horse transport is only possible when you use a means of transport with the highest standard of options and materials for both the horses and the drivers”

On behalf of Anemone Horse Trucks, we would like to thank Rob Claessens for the trust and long-standing relationship. It is already the 12th horse truck that we have been able to deliver at Lumaro Horse Travel!