Due the Cornona virus COVID-19 we will adjust our policy in response to the additional measures taken by RIVM.
Our company stays open, but we ensure the least possible physical contact!

Please keep attention for:

Visits are only possible by appointment
Customers always report to the counter first
Wash hands beforehand
Do not shake hands

Service centre
Trucks that are brought to the sevice centre can be parked on our ground
Customers put a note with the servicework + telephone number in the truck
Keys from the truck can be delivered at the counter
Further consultation about the horsetruck takes place by telephone
There is no pick-up and return service until April 6
There is no on the road service available until April 6, by urgent we will look for a suitable solution

The deposit will have to be paid in advance by pin 
We will prepare the rental truck for you on our ground
You can collect the key at the counter
The payment will be settled by bank transfer with the deposit afterwards

If you have complaints of a cold, cough, sore throat or fever, stay home!